Your driver can sometimes be your prize possession or your worst enemy, but one thing is true, your drivers says a lot about you.

Here are a few things your driver says about you.

Wooden driver: Well, one thing is your golf game probably sucks. If you don’t care to upgrade at least a little that probably means you aren’t hat good. Unless it has some sentimental value, I have some advice. Take it and throw it in the nearest dumpster, go to a yard sale and buy a 10 dollar old Taylormade driver.

Old Titleist driver with no headcover: You literally don’t care. You bought this years ago before going on a trip with your buddies. You have had it since and you hit it 200 dead straight every time. Why change what isn’t broken? You can’t hit any of your irons straight so you are convinced the driver is the reason you hit it straight. Oh and on that trip you lost the headcover, but that thing was annoying anyway so you didn’t replace it.

Chinese knock off driver: You won this at an outing and it was free so you keep it. Why buy something when you got this one? You have almost thrown it at a tree many times. But you love it.

Last years edition driver: You love saving money. So why waste money when it will just be on clearance in about four months. You wait a while, and you get the one you want for well under retail. Genius plan.

The newest driver: No matter what your situation is, you make sure you get to Dicks Sporting Goods the day the new Taylormade club comes out. You pay whatever you have to pay for it and you figure out what to do with the old one later. You probably hit it worse than your old one, but who cares? You got the new thing.

No matter what driver you have, it says the most about you. So, judge a golfer by his driver for now on.