The Golf Board: Is Too Much Fun Possible?

Recently I tried out Golf Boards for the first time, and had an unbelievable experience.

I played a round, where the couple in front of me had them. It got me thinking, are Golf Boards better than golf carts?

So I ran through some of the pros and cons, and came up with a verdict.


  • Tricky to ride at first
  • No storage
  • Legs get sore
  • Only good in good weather
  • Not good for all ages
  • One person per board…you would need A LOT of boards

Well, lets not be too negative.


  • Light weight
  • Fast
  • One person, everyone goes to their ball = faster
  • Nice breeze
  • Exercise
  • Just you

Let’s talk about the cons.

Not having a lot of storage can suck. If you want to bring beers, throw your head cover off or even empty your pockets you are kind of screwed. Imagine riding these in the rain? At least golf carts have some protection. Little Johnny coming to the course with his dad wouldn’t be exactly the best candidate to ride one of these.

Now the good.

They speed up the round. Instead of driving to your ball and your partners, you are doing your own thing. Because they are lightweight you can get away with driving places you wouldn’t in a cart. The breeze when you are cruising down the fairway is unreal.

At the end of the day, Golf Boards are very cool. After weighing the pros and cons I probably wouldn’t replace the traditional golf cart with Golf Boards. Too many things could go wrong. I would buy 10-15 of them though. Not only are they fun, but they add a unique feature to your club.

In the coming years, hopefully they make something more fun and more functional than the Golf Board.