Fowler’s Four Tips On Putting

We have all been there before when putting.

You get the ball lined up and you start your stroke, but then you knick the ground right before you make contact with the ball, leaving it only a few inches ahead from where it started.

Take a page out of Rickie Fowler’s game and make more putts.

Here are a few Fowler putting tips on how to putt quickly, but also well:

  1. Line Up: Instead of waiting until then to start reading your putt, begin looking at your line while the other guys in your group are putting. That way when it’s your turn, you’re ready to roll.
  2. Stay Confident: Putts look different when you’re standing over them than when you’re reading them from behind the ball, but don’t let it freak you out. Take time to make a few practice strokes before
  3. The Swing: This is the biggest takeaway from Fowler’s putting strokes that I have adopted and you should too. Now that you have your line and the speed of your putt, you need to address the ball. Once your putter is lined up behind the ball, you will want to lift your putter up a centimeter off the ground like there is a coin under your putter. Now go back and swing like normal.
  4. The Follow Through: Now just watch the ball roll into the hole.

The big takeaway from this is the slight lifting of the club. This will almost guarantee you to never hit the ground on your back swing or regular swing. A lot of times high handicappers have a really shaky approach and swing that their swing plane changes throughout their entire swing. So at one point your swing is level but a few second later you drop that shoulder and that’s when the putter will brush the ground, before the ball. You never want that.

So take Rickie Folwer’s putting stroke techniques and make more putts.