Making birdies is one of the best things about golf. You get to the tee, smack one down the fairway. You get to your ball and on a par four, you stick it close, but hitting a GIR is one of the toughest things in golf.

Sometimes you are 200-215 yards away trying to hit a small green. As a high handicapper this is a daunting task. But one you must take on if you want to add a circle to your scorecard. I recently tried something different when looking to make GIR’s, and it has helped me a lot.

The birdie putts are another story…

Here is my quick fix to more GIR’s.

Pin locations are always strategic. Rarely you will find a pin smack dab in the middle of the green. They are tucked back left, all the way to the front or some other crazy stuff to screw you up. And you, with your 20+ handicap lasers the pin and you’re ready to attack.

Hold up. That is pointless.

Instead, start looking at the greens and stop aiming at the flag.

Start aiming at the biggest part of the green. When you do this you will have a way bigger target than a measly little flag. When aiming at the biggest part of the green you eliminate a lot of things. Eliminates missing big on a small target, short siding yourself into a tough lie in green side rough. For the most part high handicappers short game sucks, so the longer you can keep that putter in your hand, the better.

So next time you go out, try aiming at the green and not the pin, it will pay off tremendously.

Even if it is a par 5, laying up and having a low iron in your hand will result in a lot of birdies, especially if you’re aiming at the large part of the green, not the pin.