Think About Your Favorite Course…

When you think of where you live or where you grew up, one thing usually comes to mind — your home golf course.

The golf course you play after work, when family visits or with your work buddies in a scramble.

You have that one course you ALWAYS play.

It has its downfalls, but it also has some perks.


  1. Greens
  • Speed, read and layout. You pretty much know all three of these things for every green on the course. This makes putting 1000 times easier and makes you look like Jordan Spieth when your out of town buddies see you play.
  1. Layout
  • You know being on the right side of the fairway on the dogleg par 4 is ideal. You know the hidden bunker on 6 is to the left. You know little things only people who have played there 100 times would know. It helps.
  1. Employees
  • You get cool with the employees and sometimes they hook it up. Recently I got ditched for a twilight round so I asked for a rain check card and a bucket of balls. They gave
  • me the card and just gave me a large bucket no charge. It pays to be a regular.
  1. Tournaments
  • You can pretty much be the caddie for the whole group. You can make every shot and you know where to land the safe layups. Ideal for scrambles.

Playing the same course 4-5 times a week does have its downfalls, don’t get me wrong.


  1. Knowing The Course Too Well
  • Sometimes you’ve just played a course enough it is like second nature. I am a mediocre golfer; I shoot in the low to mid 90’s on the regular. One time at the country club I work at I shot a 44 for 9 and it was my best then. If it wasn’t there I don’t think I would have shot that.
  1. Boring
  • It can get boring playing the same holes over and over and over again. Sometimes a change in scenery is nice.

The good outweighs the bad, but if you love to golf it might be best to travel around and explore other golf courses around your area.

Don’t be afraid to travel an extra 45 minutes to play a new golf course.