As everyone knows by now, President Trump plays a decent amount of golf.

I mean come on, there are at least five websites, that literally track how many rounds of golf he plays. Their names are crazy things like,

They all keep track of Trump’s golf activity because people care that much allegedly.

Since becoming the president he has played between 31-33 rounds of golf played since he has been in office. He came into office with a 2.8 handicap according to GHIN.

This may be somewhat, cloudy, as stories have come out that he golfs how he wants, and may not be the best at counting. But the thing about all his rounds in office, is he wasn’t posting them to his GHIN account, leaving his handicap at 2.8.

Randomly, in the latest GHIN report that came out the first of the month, their was a new score on his handicap. He posted a 68 on 10/17. A very very good round for a guy who has a lot of weight on his shoulders, and not much time to play and focus on golf. That is a decent day for a PGA Tour guy.

His 68 came on a significantly different slope as he usually plays, playing at a 66.1. Not only that, it came at an “away” course nonetheless. If the presidents golf game keeps getting better, he may want to try his hand on the senior tour. This recent score brought his handicap down to a 2.5, and I’m sure some phantom 65 will be posted soon enough.

As Arnold Palmer once said, the best way to lower your scores, is an eraser.