Fashion That Appeals To Millennials

Recently, golf fashion has been taking a turn.

Millennials seem to be getting into the game (finally) and the wardrobe of many of the young golfers on tour is a refreshing look.

Although many people may not like it, I love it.

We see guys like Rickie Fowler who is willing to wear camo, jogger pants… For those of you that don’t know, jogger pants get tighter around the calf down to an elastic band around the ankle. He also wears high top sneakers and flat brim hats that have become more acceptable and common on tour.

Jason day recently made a huge splash at The Open when he wore jogger pants with Jordan 1 high top golf spikes.

Nike has recently released a number of retro Jordan replicas made into golf shoes and the millennials are eating them up.

Then you have Rory, who wears clothes tighter than WWE wrestlers. He also debuted a blade collar last year in which it is a polo with virtually no collar, just a smaller sleeker looking collar.

So you got all these young golfers pushing the boundaries of what you can wear on the course, and yet some still respect the history.

Young stud Justin Thomas did so at the opening round of the Open.

He wore a tie… on a golf course… with a cardigan…

And honestly, it was a great look.

It takes some bravery to pull off something like that, but he really did.

The coolest part of it? In the same tournament he also wore camo pants.

I just think this is the golf millennials outlook on golf in a nutshell.

We respect the games history, the tradition and the rules, but we want to bring in our own flavor.

We are here to push the envelope till it breaks.