Keeping up with the latest technology is tough in this day and age but it can also put you at a huge advantage. The Golf Content Network stays up to date with what the pros are using and how they are using it. Below are recent updates to the golf gear world that you should definitely consider adding to your bag…


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Wilson Staff, Wilson Sporting Goods’ golf brand, is one of the most iconic in the business and in the past three years has been making a major effort to regain past market share by introducing some innovative technologies. We, along with many others, have been favorably impressed with the C200 irons this year and also like the new FG Tour F5 family of metalwoods.




Making use of their Cor-Eye Technology, a circular section on the back of the hitting area, Ping Golf engineers came up with the G irons, their latest entry in the game- improvement category.





Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 1.41.15 PM“Two-5” golf bag was named such because it only weights 2.5 lbs…possibly the lightest, full-size, dual-strap, stand-bag on the market. The weight savings come from substituting carbon-fiber legs for aluminum, higher-grade, lighter plastic for top and base, lightweight fabric/zipper and simpler dual strap. The bag houses four full-length club dividers, four pockets including a full-length clothing pocket, mesh elasticized pocket for beverage/ accessories, and pen holder. Also included is your standard umbrella holder and rain hood. The “Two-5” is projected to be available in June.



Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 1.51.45 PMAdidas I think we are all excited about golf’s return to the Olympics in Rio this summer. We haven’t seen this since 1904, which it’s safe to say none of us were around then! Adidas will be the official uniform provider for the athletes, coaches and staff of the USA golf team. This spring GFW is especially fond of their new Tour 360 x boa shoes. These golf shoes are top notch in protection, comfort, and performance. Get #GearedForMore at





The Golf Content Networks Golf Gear Weekly and Golf Fashion Weekly constantly has updates on the newest golf gear to add to your bag. With new Spring and Summer lines from brands like Chase54, Longball, and Travis Matthew players will be looking very fashion forward on and off the course. Keep in mind though that no outfit can be complete without the proper accessories, and no player is complete without the proper gear.

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