Kirkland Golf Balls Are Making Their Mark

Soon enough paying 40+ dollars for a premium golf ball may be history.

Recently Costco released a ball at fraction of the cost and performed just as well as the ProV1.

This raises some eyebrows because for so long the consensus in the golf world has been you pay the big price for ProV1’s because they perform so well and must cost a lot to manufacture.

When Costco released their Kirkland signature ball, two dozen only cost $29.99, pretty much the same price as Top Flites, which get made fun of by every golfer ever.

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Kirkland Golf Balls

Costco has made some noise with this. Articles about these balls and their impact on the golf ball world have been published on Forbes, Golf Digest and even USA Today.

They are not the only company to push the price down on premium golf balls as companies such as OnCore golf and Snell have made a push lately for a cheaper alternative to the ProV1 without losing the performance.

Some are calling this the biggest story in golf equipment’s recent history. Mainly because it has been so universally accepted that you have to pay decent money for the good golf balls (ProV1’s). If companies can start coming in and undercutting Titleist’s prices they may be in trouble.

Recently Costco sued Acushnet Holdings Corp., the parent company of Titleist. The lawsuit was a fire back at Titleist after Titleist said that Costco infringed on 11 of their patents and they had false claims that their balls would outperform the nations leading brand.

Costco answered with a lawsuit saying they did not intrude on any patent and their claims weren’t directed just at the ProV1 but other balls as well.

No matter what happens in court, this is a huge development for any golfer without a Tour card. Buying a couple dozen ProV1’s is always a little painful, but you do it because you want to play with the best. But if companies can start competing with Titleist and developing multi-layer golf balls with equal spin numbers as the ProV1’s, Titleist may be in trouble.