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Is Langer One of The Greats?

Another week and one headline seems to stay constant – Bernhard Langer winning on the PGA Champions Tour.

This circuit, much like many of the circuits below the PGA Tour, do not get the media exposure they should.

Between the Champions Tour, LPGA, and Tour there is some great golf that sadly gets put to the way side.

But what Langer is doing is special.

Last week he won his 3rd senior major of the season and 10th career on the senior tour.

Bernhard Langer

Langer has won five of his last 10 senior major starts, and enjoyed the latest with his wife Vikki (left) and daughters Christina and Jackie.

“(I) nowhere near 100 percent and probably shouldn’t have played. And that makes this even more meaningful.”

Langer said after the event because the doctors told him he had laryngitis and told him to stay in bed and rest all week.

That didn’t stop him from beating Corey Pavin by two strokes to solidify himself as the greatest senior tour player in the history of the plus 50 tour.

This weekend he passed the great Gary Player who has 9 senior major titles.

But this sparks the debate, is he one of the best golfers of all time? Never mind senior tour, just plain golfers.

You got to take into consideration how well he is playing in his late 50’s. Also the fact that a bunch of his senior tour wins are coming late in his career.

It’s not like he joined the senior tour at a fresh 50-year-old and tore the competition apart for two seasons. No, he has earned it.

He had a widely successful career on the European tour that many would respect if they knew more about it.

Bernhard Langer

Bernhard Langer Senior British Open 2017 Putting

He won 42 times on the European tour alone, and then add in the fact he has two Masters wins.

He has played golf at such a high level for so long it is hard to argue.

The narrative over his broomstick putter is also sparking debate as many have called it cheating. My outlook is, you still got to make the putts.

In my honest opinion, I think Langer is a top 5 GOLFER of all time.