Use This Checklist Before You Head To The Golf Course 

You couldn’t be more excited.

Golf season is finally here, the grass is getting greener by the day and your golf clubs are crying to be used.

So before loading your clubs into the car Saturday morning, head to the store and check these five things off your list.

  1. Dozen cheap balls: It Is the first round of the year, keep the Pro V1’s your wife got you for Christmas in the box. Go buy some cheap recycled golf balls to hit into every hazard in sight and in the woods.

    Titleist Pro V1

  2. 3-pack of gloves: Your gloves from last season probably look like shriveled up pieces of deli meat by now. Whether it is just in your pro shop, or you go out and buy them, just buy a 3 pack. That way you’re set for the season and never have to worry about it again.

    Weathersof golf gloves

  3. Big box of granola bars: Keep these in the trunk of your car. Nothing worse then being halfway to the golf course and forgetting a small snack for that brutal stretch on the back nine when breakfast is wearing off and you are craving a burger from the 19th hole. Just buy a huge BJ’s-type box of granola bars and you will have them whenever you need. Just make sure your kids don’t find them, they will be short lived.

    Nature Valley Granola Bars

  4. Alcohol: Most likely, you wont be setting the course record. You haven’t hit a ball outside in months. So instead of getting frustrated and having a miserable time. Pick up some alcohol and have a good time with your buddies. They will probably suck that day too.

    Bud Light

  5. Advil: If you haven’t been the definition of active this winter, a smart man would bet you are going to be pretty sore after your round. Best way to avoid this is stretch before your round. Not the 5-second stretch on the tee box every 90-year-old does to say he stretched. Do an actual stretch routine for 10-15 minutes. This wont completely cut out the soreness, but that is what the Advil is for.


Golf season is finally here, thank god.